Jumbo Sexlink Coturnix (hybrid)

If you are primarily wanting to produce quail eggs, these jumbos are what you want. By crossing the 2 lines of Jumbo Coturnix, I can achieve 2 things:

  • Sexable at hatch – the female chicks are all a much lighter, reddish color. They look like the Egyptians.
  • Hybrid vigor – Inbreeding eventually results in problems if you are not very careful. Crossing 2 very different lines however undoes any inbreeding and generally results in birds that are more vigorous.

Because you don’t have to wait weeks to determine the sex, you can raise exactly the sex you want, whether for eggs or meat. In this cross, the male chicks are sold at a much lower price, but if you want meat birds, the added vigor will work for to your advantage. Lower price and added vigor, perfect for meat production. Of course, if you want only females for eggs, you can save the effort and expense of raising unwanted males, a definite benefit even without the added vigor.