Muscovy Ducks

Love them or think they look disgusting, muscovies generate interest. Not at all like the other ducks, they are tree ducks and will roost with chickens or even higher. They are excellent fliers, at least until they get too heavy to fly.

As layers, they don’t have the reputation that some other ducks have, but they do lay a lot of eggs, at least until they go broody. Their eggs are huge and very rich, if you like regular duck eggs for baking, you will really like muscovy eggs.

As meat birds, they are superior in taste to all other poultry (IMO). They grow fast, especially the males, which makes them an excellent breed for small farms or homesteads.

As broody hens, there is simply no equal to a muscovy hen. They can hatch anything, including their own eggs, and that is saying something as muscovy eggs are much harder to hatch than regular ducks. They also take 5 weeks to hatch (regular ducks take 4 weeks). A muscovy hen will usually hatch every fertile egg, and in my experience, will raise every duckling. This also endears them to small farms where the ability to be a self sufficent flock is a real advantage.

Our flock is mixed in color, with black, white, chocolate and barred genes all present and popping up in the babies that hatch.