Lavender Olive Egger (project)

These are Isabel, not the solid lavender of a lavender Marans or Orpington. I find the pattern pretty, like the Opal Legbars (which is an ancestor of these birds). This project is to produce Isabel Welbars, and you can see pics on that page of what these are likely to look like.

Surplus Chicks

I am selling “surplus” chicks from my breeding project. I kept back the pullets to produce eating eggs, then put them into the Opal pen to produce sexable chicks that are good layers. About half the chicks are lavender and the rest look like gold Welbars. Their eggs should be mostly green. I computed the probability of green eggs and came up with 77.5%, all depending on which rooster is their father (had 5 roos in that pen). I am selling these female chicks for lower prices because you won’t know the egg color until they start laying. Consider them like “Easter Eggers” from a hatchery, but guaranteed to be female and vaccinated for Marek’s. Their mothers are laying HUGE eggs and are only in their first year of laying. That is why I kept them for eating eggs. If you want large colorful eggs, adding a few of these to your order makes sense. Lavender pullet chicks are $8, gold pullet chicks are just $5. Limited in number, I am hatching these to try to fill the demand for egg producing chicks.

Current Project Status

For the “real” Isabel Olive Eggers / Welbars, I am now getting eggs like this from the F4 generation.

Welbar eggs top – Isabel Olive Eggers and Welbars bottom