Olive Eggers


This “breed” is really any an chicken that lays a dark green egg. There are people working on true breeding lines, but nearly all the Olive Eggers are F1 hybrids of a blue egg laying breed and a dark brown egg laying breed. There are many ways to setup these crosses and the resulting birds obviously look very different depending on the parents used.

What makes our Olive Eggers different is that we use the different breeds in a way that creates sexable chicks. This means we can guarantee that you will get a female chick. We have been making this cross for a number of years and the pullet chicks have been very popular. Hybrid vigor is always good and these have that, as well as the dark green eggs.

Like Welbars, these come in 2 colors, gold and silver. They look very much like Welbars, but usually have a small crest from their Legbar mother.

Olive Egger eggs – customer photograph
Gold Olive Egger pullet – customer raised