Ayam cemani

Black, black, black . . .

These have become legendary, but they are regular chickens at heart. As you would expect, I obtained the “best of the best” when starting my line, and while these often sell of very high prices, I try to keep the chick prices more reasonable.

Don’t expect high production or even regular eggs from these, they are bred for their looks. Their black meat is also valued in some Asian cultures. Our line is of very high quality, no problems with mulberry combs or wattles. If you are hatching eggs, be aware that a percentage of chicks will have white toenails or ends of their toes. While most grow out of that, those are not the best quality and should not be sold as high-grade cemanis or used for breeding. They are still fine as pets.

I am still often surprised by these birds. They are calm and personable when I am around them, but unlike most calm breeds, they still have a wildness or maybe just superior intelligence. I witnessed them attack an injured rat as if they were a pack of wolves, but once they rat was gone from their pen they went right back to life as usual.

Cockerel with type and color typical of this line of Ayam cemani
Breeding group
Ayam cemani breeder pen #1 (older birds)
Ayam cemani Breeder pen #2 (younger birds)