We hope the birds you get from us live long and productive lives, but we have no control over how they are treated or managed after they leave our hands. We do want you to be happy with them, so if you experience problems with them in the first 3 days, please let us know so we can replace them or refund your money. After that, you can of course contact us for advice and we will do our best to help.


Certain breeds and hybrids are sexable and we will guarantee that we will do this correctly for the breeds that we sell as sexed female chicks. If you buy female chicks (or ducklings, goslings, etc) and it turns out to be a male, we will either replace it with a female or refund your money, at our discretion. We don’t normally raise a lot of birds during the spring, so it is unlikely we will have an exact replacement, but since we get the sexing wrong so rarely, we will look at what we have that could be a replacement, if that is what you would prefer.

Straight run

Under no circumstances do we make any guarantees about the sexes for straight run breeds. One would “expect” that roughly half of them will be females and the rest males, but the probability does not always break that way. It is possible to get all males, especially with small numbers of chicks. You must accept this as part of the risk when getting these breeds. No one else can offer these breeds as sexed chicks, unless they vent sex them at hatcheries. Our breeds and strains are far above the quality you will get at a hatchery, and often cheaper. If you take this risk to get these special breeds, you should be fully aware before you buy them.