California Greys

White egg layers are not tremendously popular any more, but they were once the most coveted color eggs. That led a researcher in California to create these, many years ago. They were never admitted to the APA, so there is no SOP for showing, but as production birds in the backyard flock, they have very few rivals.

The “other breed” of barred layers of white eggs are the Barred Hollands. These had a similar beginning and were admitted to the APA, but the stock has become severely inbred, with very few flocks left. I have had these in the past, and they are not great layers and their eggs are more cream than white. All in all, a rather disappointing breed. Their promise is fulfilled quite nicely by the California Greys and so that is what we offer.

The other reason we have these is that the pullets can be paired with a non-barred blue egg layer, like a Black Ameraucana, and will produce black sexlinks that lay blue eggs. We will be offering these black sexlinks as Pennsylvania Blue Eggers. They are not a new hybrid for us, but we stopped producing them when Cream Legbars became fairly cheap and available.