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Vaccinating Chicks

Equipment and supplies to vaccinate chicks for Marek’s

This is a reference list for my use, but sharing it with others seems like a great idea as well.

Specialized equipment and supplies

All of these links are for Jeffers Pet, but you can obviously look for these elsewhere if you like, they don’t give me any money for pushing traffic to them😉

Other supplies

  • small disposable plastic cups (for mixing partial dose vaccine)
  • small tweezers (to section vaccine disk and pull 1 piece out)
  • empty vaccine jar (or similar) with permanent rubber stopper (needed if you do partial doses)
  • small pliers to remove sealing band from vaccine bottle

Work area

  • well lit and clean
  • absorbent work surface (newspapers or paper towels)

Storage considerations

The vaccine comes with 2 parts:

  • Diluent – 200ml glass bottle. Can be stored at room temperatute. I have seen a recommendation for under 80 degrees, which seems reasonable.
  • The freeze dried wafer with the virus in a small glass bottle – Needs to be stored between 2 and 7 degrees C (35 – 45 degrees F)