Our Philosophy

We do this for fun. That is our philosphy.

We hope you will love the birds you get from us. Don't hesitate to contact us with questions or suggestions, we want you to be successful. If is fun to hear of the success of our customers, and it is fun to help as much as we can if there are problems, to work toward that success.

We can't keep a lot of different breeds due to space and time restraints. Every year we try to get a few more breeds that we think will be of interest to our customers. Some are huge successes, some just don't work out, but it is fun to try new breeds.

Why we keep the breeds we do ?

Cream Legbars

Hybrid blue egg layers are great, but heritage breeds are the foundation of the poultry hobby, and even industry, so maintaining them is crucial. Of the non-hybrid, heritage breeds, the Legbar is the best blue egg layer. They are very close to the perfect back yard chicken breed.


These will always have a special place because we created them here in the US. Never successfully imported, the recipe is well known and they are probably the easiest autosexing breed to crezte. They are equivalent to the Welsummers we used to raise, but they ability to easily sex every chicks is huge for us. As a dark egg layer, they are the best we have found so far.


These are fairly new (1980's) to the poultry world, but have justifiably taken the hobby market be storm. Unfortunately the name is often co-opted to represent birds of questionable genetics with regard to egg color. MAking the real deal available is a priority. My favorite color are the blacks. They are also often the favorite of poutlry judges, given how often they win best of breed and even overall champion. The Lavender color is hugely popular in the poultry hobby right now, and lavender Ameraucanas are riding that phenomenon. If you are going to have blue chickens, shouldn't they lay blue eggs? The chicks are adorable, and if it was not for the difficulty sexing them, they might very well be the most popular badck yard chicken ever.

Welsh Harlequin ducks

The most popular duck for egg production is the Khaki Campbell. They have a well deserved reputation for high production, but also for nervousness. The Welsh Harlequin breed is calmer. They do lay as well as the Campbells and generally equal or rival any non-hybrid duck. But the biggest advantage over other breeds is that they are easily sexed at hatch. As with chickens, this has proved to be a big advantage for us and our customers.

Australian Spotted ducks

These are great as pet ducks. With proper housing, these have the potential to be a very easy to manage backyard egg producer. They are impressive layers of beautiful green eggs about the size of a large chicken egg.


If you've never had a pet turkey, you may not understand why turkey people are so passionate about these birds. They become very attached to people.


A flock of feral guineas is an asset to the farm. They are comical and sometimes too noisy, but the “bug patrol” and “watchdogs” easily earn their keep.


Watch all the exotic bird programs on TV, but you will not find anything as pretty as a peacock. It is amazing that something so flashy and beautiful is also fairly easy to keep.