Sexable Hybrids

Hybrids are often more vigorous and better layers than their parent breeds, a case of the best of both breeds. Genetically, they are mostly a “dead end” but if your interest is in egg production and you will not be breeding your own next generation, that is of little consequence. We offer these hybrids as higher productivity birds that are both sexable and will lay colored eggs. It is a great idea to get some of these as well as some of the regular breeds to make a diverse laying flock.

  • Olive Eggers - cross of Cream Legbars and Welbars. Autosexing, but not true breeding. Variable shades of green eggs. Female chicks $10
  • Blue Egg Black Sexlinks - look like black Ameraucanas, but sexable as chicks. Lots of light blue eggs. Female chicks $8
  • Olive Sexlinks - cross of Copper Marans and Cream Legbars. This is a new hybrid, but I expect it to be very nice. Female chicks $10