We are trying a new hybrid for 2019, a black sexlink that lays dark green eggs. Olive Eggers are hybrids of a dark brown egg layer and a blue or light green egg layer. Our traditional, autosexing Olive Eggers are the result of hybridizing Cream Legbars and Welbars. For this new hybrid we are using Black Copper Marans instead of the Welbars. This may bring a darker shade to the eggs, but will certainly change the appearance of the hens. They will be primarily black, with no barring (striping) on the feathers. They should have some feathers on their legs and retain a small crest.

We don't have any pictures of how these will turn out, but we expect them to be very nice birds. They will provide a nice contrasting color to the autosexing Olive Eggers. Be adventurous and give our Olive Sexlinks a try.