Hatching Eggs

This page last updated 2/11/2019

Certain times of the year I have extra hatching eggs. Please be aware that the postal service is sometimes not kind to packages. I will not be responsible for your results, whether due to poor handling or poor incubation practices. This makes sense if you think about it. I package in foam shippers and ship USPS priority. If you want me to mark them a certain way, let me know. If you want them express, I can do that for an additional charge.

I will do my best to get viable eggs to you, just like the ones I would hatch.

Eggs are $3 each, packaging and shipping is an additional $20 for up to 25 eggs.

These are the breeds that have eggs I can ship. The number in parenthesis is the approx number of eggs I collect per day, as a guide to how many you can order, obviously fresher is better for shipping. Also, I am indicating the expected fertility as shipped. Some breeds have poorer fertility, but you may still want them due to their rarity.

Available now:

  • Welbars, mix of silver and gold (3) fertility 75%
  • Australian Spotted ducks (8) fertility 90% (eggs are green)
  • Mille Fleur Leghorns, these are a “project”, and not all the chicks are mottled. (12) fertility 80% – special $1 each, because they are laying more than I can ever hatch

Available later:

  • Cream Legbars, Jill Rees line from Greenfire (0) fertility 75%
  • Autosexing Olive Eggers (hybrid of Legbar and Welbar) (0) fertility 95%
  • Black Ameraucana, John Blehm line (0) fertility 90%
  • Lavender Ameraucana, some silkied, all heterozygous for silkied (0) fertility 85%
  • Genetic Hackle (0) fertility 95% (eggs are small)
  • Breda Fowl, blue/black/splash, some heterozygous for mottled (0) fertility 80%
  • Welsh Harlequin ducks (0) fertility 90% (eggs are white)