Sexed chick guarantee

Many of our breeds and hybrids are sexable as chicks. Some are easier to be sure of than others, but you can be sure we try very hard to get this right. Raising a rooster is just not part of the plan for many people. Most hatcheries only guarantee 90% accuracy on “pullet chicks”, we stand by 100%. Those hatcheries will only refund the price difference between male and female chicks for any males over 10%. Since we seldom sell males (ducklings are an exception), their cost is zero.

So we offer a 100% refund on any males that we said would be females. If we can replace the male with a female, and you would prefer that, we will do that, but often we simple do not have a female of a suitable size to replace the male. You can, of course, get a younger female if you have other chicks her age. We will work with you to try to make you happy with this.

Straight run chicks are an entirely different matter. We make no promises as to the ratio of males to females.