Did You Know ?

Random Ramblings from a poultry enthusiast . . .

Did you know . . .

  • The dry dusty shavings you clean from your brooder is perfect fertilizer and mulch for your garden, shrubs, or lawn? I use the smallest grade of shavings (usually called “fine”) and then the used bedding sifts nicely into the grass.
  • Turkey and Peafowl both adore bread product. Don't feed it in excess of course, but this is a great wayto hand tame them.
  • The weeds that start growing in late winter and early spring are terrific as a “spring tonic” for poultry. Chickweed is called that because it is beloved by chickens of all ages.
  • Welbars are really a different color of Welsummer, like Plymouth Rocks come in Barred as well as White (and other colors). Everyone thinks “Barred Rocks” because they are the most sold, but White Rocks are available, and used a lot to make broiler hybrids. Similarly, the Partridge Welsummer is what everyone knows, but they also come in other colors. I have Gold Crele and Silver Crele, but these are more commonly known as Welbars to link them as autosexing chickens to the likes of Legbars, Rhodebars and a whole bunch of others that are unknown in the US (Wybars, Cambars, Marbars, etc).