Cream Legbars

Information sheet (pdf)

Also known as Crested Cream Legbars and sometimes abbreviated as CCL, these are still fairly new to the US and not commonly available. The reasons for their popularity are:

1. Lay lots of large, blue eggs
2. Autosexing - you know the sex of the chick at a glance
3. Crest makes them stand out in a crowd of hens
4. Small and alert like a leghorn, but much calmer around people

All of our Legbars are the Jill Rees line. The original stock was bought directly from Greenfire Farms in 2015. These are descended from a line created by Jill Reese in the UK and she is well known on the show circuit there. We like them so much better than the older line we have nothing but these now. In particular, they have proven to be extremely docile, They are very close to the perfect back yard pet chicken.

Blue Eggs

The “classic” blue egg layer is the Ameraucana, but getting consistently blue eggs from sexable chicks has always been a problem.


Male chicks have a white spot on the top of their head.

Distinctive crests

The crest is not important for egg production, but you have to admit - it is cute!

Cream Legbar chicks Cream Legbar juveniles Cream Legbar pullets