California Greys

Our only commercial breed, these are somewhat sexable at hatch. They look like a barred Leghorn and lay white eggs. They are extremely productive and we mostly use them to produce our highly productive blue eg laying hybrids, the Zebrina and Blue Egg Black Sexlink.

They are a worthwhile addition to the backyard flock in their own right, being as good at laying bright white eggs as white leghorns, but with a more attactive coloring and milder personality. If you are looking to add a white egg layer, this is our top recommendation.

Female chicks $8

From Wikipedia:

The California Gray is an American breed of domestic chicken developed in the U.S. state of California in the 1930s by James Dryden, a professor of poultry science at Oregon Agricultural College, now Oregon State University. The objective of the breed's creator was to produce a dual-purpose chicken that was both suitable for meat production and laid large white eggs. By crossing a Barred Plymouth Rock rooster and a White Leghorn hen, a naturally autosexing breed with gray barred plumage (as adults) was produced. Largely because the breed was never recognized officially for exhibition by the American Poultry Association, California Grays are a rare breed in the 21st century.