True Ameraucanas

Ameraucana brochure

These are not hatchery stock, most strains are from top show breeders. The demand for these is lower because they are not sexable as chicks, so they may not be available. I can usually custom hatch what you want. I am listing prices here even if they are not available right now.

All Ameraucana chicks are sold as straight run - don't order these if you are not prepared to deal with roosters

  • Black - some are split for both Lavender and Silkied, but look like normal blacks. Straight run chicks $4
  • Lavender (split for Silkied but look like normal lavenders). Straight run chicks $8 brochure
  • Silkied - Straight run chicks $15 brochure
  • Bantam - Straight run chicks $12