Silkied Lavender Ameraucanas

Ever wish you silkies laid blue eggs? Or that they were a bit less broody?

Silkied ameraucanas fulfill both those wishes. They are the result of a random feather mutation in a line of true Ameraucanas, not the result of hybridization with silkie bantams. Our silkied ameraucanas are the lavender color and they will breed true for both color and feather type. They make excellent pets and will lay blue-green eggs. Their feathering puts them at a disadvantage when house with other breeds. They cannot fly, so keep their roosts low, and be sure to protect them from rain and snow, as their feathers are not capable of shedding water like a normal feathered bird.

All of the non-silkied lavender ameraucanas we sell are split for silkied as part of an ongoing project to improve the genetics of both lines. That means you will very likely see silkied chicks from 2 parents that have normal feathers. If one of the parents is silkied, you should see silkied feathering in about 50% of the chicks.


Silkied Lavender Ameraucana Silkied Lavender Ameraucana Silkied Lavender Ameraucana

This picture shows silkied and normal feathered Lavender Ameraucana chicks that are about 1 week old. The top chick has silkied feathers. Silkied Lavender Ameraucana chick