Are you concerned that when you buy chicks some might turn out to be roosters? Very disappointing, and in most cases the seller is not going to help you with your problem. You can buy from us with confidence because we breed several different breeds that are easily sexable as chicks, and I will stand behind that by replacing (if I have a suitable replacement pullet) or refunding your money.

We can do this because we use the genetics of chick down color to show the sex of each chick as it hatches. With the autosexing breeds, the difference is substantial, making them sexable as soon as they are hatched.

There are details about each breed we raise in the links on the left. This is a current list of what is available.

Sexed Female Chicks (Guaranteed female)
Cream LegbarBlue15.00Our most popular breed for backyard chickens
Welbar / WelsummerDark Brown10.00Very rare autosexing dark egg layer
Olive EggerDark Green10.00Autosexing
Blue Egg Black SexlinkBlue8.00The most productive blue egg layer
Olive SexlinkDark Green10.00New hybrid
Straight Run Chicks (not sexable, no guarantee)
Black Copper MaranDark Brown10.00
Black AmeraucanaBlue4.00Most are split for Lavender and silkied
Lavender AmeraucanaBlue8.00All are split for silkied
Bantam Lavender AmeraucanaBlue15.00Special order, not hatching regularly
Silkied Lavender AmeraucanaBlue20.00These are more delicate than the non-silkied
Black OrpingtonLight Brown5.00All are split for Lavender
Lavender OrpingtonLight Brown10.00
Mille Fleur LeghornBrown10.00
“Brown” LeghornBrown2.00Incorrecly colored chicks from the Mille Fleur pen
Bantam Lavender CochinLight Brown8.00
Bantam Black CochinLight Brown4.00These are split for lavender
Bantam Black Frizzle CochinLight Brown12.00These are split for lavender
Genetic Hackle (Fly Tie chickens)Light Brown12.00Very hard to find, used to tie dry flies
Breda FowlWhite6.00Rare breed. Ours are Blue/Black/Splash but some carry the gene for mottled also
Royal Palm TurkeySpeckled12.00
Mottled Black TurkeySpeckled12.00
Silver Dappled TurkeySpeckled12.00
Welsh Harlequin DuckWhite10.00Selling probable females, accuracy is about 90% based on bill color
Australian Spotted Duck (bantam)Blue-green or White5.00Similar to Call ducks, but easier to keep