Are you concerned that when you buy chicks some might turn out to be roosters? Very disappointing, and in most cases the seller is not going to help you with your problem. You can buy from us with confidence because we breed several different breeds that are easily sexable as chicks, and I will stand behind that by replacing (if I have a suitable replacement pullet) or refunding your money.

We can do this because we use the genetics of chick down color to show the sex of each chick as it hatches. With the autosexing breeds, the difference is substantial, making them sexable as soon as they are hatched.

There are details about each breed we raise in the links on the left. This is a list of what we hope to have available in 2021.

Sexed Female Chicks (Guaranteed female)
Cream LegbarBlueOur most popular breed for backyard chickens
Welbar (autosexing Welsummer)Dark BrownVery rare autosexing dark egg layer, created by adding the gene for sexlinked barring to normal Welsummers. These are available in gold and silver
Olive EggerDark GreenAutosexing cross of the above 2 breeds. These are available in gold and silver
Olive Egger ProjectDark Green or dark brownAutosexing breeding project to create a stable line of olive eggers. Gold only, and greater than 50% chance of olive eggs, rest will lay dark brown eggs. No way to tell what they will lay, but should be excellent layers
Opal LegbarBlueSimilar to Cream Legbars, but with the lavender gene. The gene for blue eggs and cresting is not completely fixed in this line, so some pullets could lay light brown eggs and/or not have the crest of a good legbar

(males of all these may be available - inquire if interested)

Straight Run (not sexable, no guarantee)
Black Copper MaransDark BrownLay very dark eggs
Blue Copper MaransDark BrownLay very dark eggs, beautiful blue color with darker lacing
Splash Copper MaransDark BrownLay very dark eggs, predominently white with some darker markings
Lavender MaransDark BrownLay very dark eggs
Black MaransDark BrownLay very dark eggs, result of breeding project. Mostly black, some with silver or copper markings
Black AmeraucanaBlueMost are split for Lavender
Lavender AmeraucanaBlueLimited availability
Black Mottled AmeraucanaBlueEggs are good color, seem to be best layers of the true Ameraucanas
Cuckoo AmeraucanaBlueFaint white striping, limited availability
Cuckoo Lavender AmeraucanaBlueFaint white striping, limited availability
Breda FowlWhiteExtremely rare breed, limited availability
Bantam Lavender AmeraucanaBlueLimited availability
Bantam Lavender CochinLight Brown
Bantam Black CochinLight BrownThese are split for lavender
Bantam Black Frizzle CochinLight Brownsplit for lavender, breed these only with non-frizzles
Bantam Lavender Frizzle CochinLight BrownBreed these only with the non-frizzles
Australian Spotted Duck (bantam)Blue-green or WhiteSimilar to Call ducks, but easier to keep
Mini Appleyard Duck (bantam)Blue-green or WhiteSimilar to Call ducks, but easier to keep. These are not a bantam version of a Silver Appleyard, their coloration is more like a bantam Abicott Ranger or Welsh Harlequin
Genetic Hackle (Fly Tie chickens)Light BrownVery hard to find, used to tie dry flies
Guinea FowlSpeckledPearl and Lavender
Heritage TurkeySpeckledRoyal Palm and Mottled Black
Breeding Projects

I am very interested in genetics and have several projects going at all times. Many of the chicks that are available are the extras from those projects. They may carry some unusual genes, not always expressed (visible). The side effect of this is that availability can be up and down. Some of these have only a single hen laying, so there will never be enough to become widely available. I can get you onto a waiting list if certain breeds are very important to you, but I still may not be able to accomodate your wishes.