Welbars are autosexing Welsummers. The technical name for this color is Crele. They are easily sexable at all stages of their lives, including right after hatching.

Developed decades ago in the UK, they have never been successfully imported to the US. I re-created Welbars using the same recipe as their original creator and am making them available here in the US. For more information click on the link to the left, or here.

Locally grown chicks

I love hatching chicks and have discovered that high quality, locally raised chicks can be hard to find. It's a great match, I can hatch chicks and find homes that appreciate them. I have nothing against the large hatcheries, they provide the only means for many to have chickens at all, but they are not the best choice for everyone. We are trying to provide another choice for people in the southeast PA area. We don't have the volume or the variety you can get at other hatcheries. This is a part time hobby and both space and time are limited, so we pick breeds that are of interest to us and that we believe will be of interest to many people. There is something special about every breed we have, and only one of our breeds originated at a commercial hatchery.

There are details about each breed we raise in the links on the left. This is a current list of what is available.

Cream LegbarBlueF10.00
Blue Egg Black SexlinkBlueF8.00
Olive EggerDk GreenF10.00
Welbar (gold and silver varieties)Dk BrownF15.00
Genetic Hackle (Fly Tie chickens)Lt BrownSR10.00
Black AmeraucanaBlueSR4.00
Silver AmeraucanaBlueSR4.00
Lavender AmeraucanaBlueSR8.00
Breda fowlWhiteSR8.00
Royal Palm TurkeySpeckledSR12.00
Mottled Black TurkeySpeckledSR12.00
Silver Dappled TurkeySpeckledSR12.00
Welsh Harlequin DuckWhiteF10.00
Welsh Harlequin DuckWhiteM5.00
Australian Spotted Duck (bantam)BlueSR12.00